Parricide: two sons kill their mothers – in Thessaloniki and Crete

A 42-year-old man killed his mother in Crete. Another case of matricide was recorded in Thessaloniki – a 50-year-old man remained in an apartment with his mother’s body in the bath for about five days.

Both cases have again drawn attention to lack of adequate care for people with mental health problems.

A 42-year-old man killed his 67-year-old mother in her own home in Heraklion, on Crete. Neighbors heard the victim’s call for help and called the police. When police arrived, they found a woman lying on the floor in a pool of blood and a man with blood on his hands.

According to preliminary information, the murder took place about half an hour after midnight, on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. The son went to his mother’s house, and there was a serious quarrel between them. It is established that the perpetrator hit his mother several times on the head with a wooden object.

Police have arrested a man who is said to have mental health problemsaccording to local media .
The second case took place in Thessaloniki, where a son killed his 79-year-old mother in their family home. The mother’s body was discovered on Tuesday, July 5, in the bathtub of the second, 53-year-old son of the victim.

The body of the unfortunate lay in the bath, it was fully dressed and was in a state of decomposition. The death is believed to have occurred at least five days ago, according to a local edition.

Also mass media reported that the man had mental health problems. He allegedly confessed to his deed, but he cannot remember the crime he committed and his motives.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki decided to place the man in the city psychiatric hospital. The authorities opened a case of manslaughter and unlawful use of weapons.

PS Proper care for people with mental health problems is not a top priority for the Greek authorities. In fact, only those who pose a special danger are kept in lunatic asylums, that is, the mentally ill person has either already committed a crime or tried to do so.

The rest are at home, in the care of parents and families who have to deal with this problem alone. While psychiatric care and follow-up limited to monthly or bi-monthly visits to a psychiatrist for medication. If, of course, they have money …

If you hear a wild scream and indistinct howls in the middle of the night, most likely this is another unfortunate person who lives in your area, and he clearly has not been given medicine.

This is modern Greece…

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