December 11, 2023

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Fires in Greece: touching moments amidst fear and destruction

A touching scene against a backdrop of fear, despair and destruction as the summer fires rage in Greece: a Romanian firefighter sent to Greece holds a young white lamb in his arms. He just saved a young life.

In the background is some kind of agricultural building, half blackened, and smoke still hovering in the air.

Pictured is a forest fire in Schimatari, northeast Attica, on Monday July 4, 2022. The photo was posted by the Romanian Embassy in Greece and went viral, with dozens of Greeks thanking for their support.

Fire in Shimatari and Dilesi broke out on Monday afternoon and forced local residents to evacuate. It was located within a few hours.

Fire at Dilesi was just one of 138 fires that flared between Monday and early Wednesday morning due to high winds and were most likely caused by negligence or arson.

Also on Wednesday, firefighters continue to battle several scattered fronts of a large wildfire near the popular beach resort. Porto Hermeno in Western Attica, as strong winds revived the flames, which had already been nearly extinguished on Tuesday evening.

More than 150 firefighters and volunteers battled the blaze all night, which burned down two houses and forced the evacuation of the village of Mitikas. Not a single person was hurt. With the first rays of the day, fire planes and helicopters again entered the battle.

A foreigner who was detained on suspicion of arson in Porto Hermeno later Tuesday was released after authorities confirmed he was not involved in the fire.

Two other fires, one on Peloponnese and the second in Phocis, were partially localized on Wednesday. “The flames in Korifi, Ilia, “are located mainly in the gorge, do not threaten residential areas,” Angeliki Dionisopoulou, head of the civil protection department of the municipality of Pyrgos, told state news agency AMNA.

The second major fire at the foot of Mount Parnassus in Phokis was largely contained, but not before it thinned out the famous olive groves of Delphi. On Zakynthos, the fire in the forest zone of Kambi seems to have been extinguished.

Civil protection. Warning

According to the fire forecast map issued by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, there is a very high risk of fire on Wednesday in the regions of Attica, central and southern Evia, Viotia, Samos, Ikaria, Chios and Psara.

The fire department said there were more than 65 bushfires in the 24 hours, Monday through Tuesday evening, and 138 by Wednesday afternoon.

Civil Protection warns of “high risk” of wildfires also on Thursday, July 7, 2022.

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