Suppliers to announce new electricity prices on July 10

Electricity providers in Greece will announce the new tariffs by next Sunday, July 10, media reported. They are will not include an adjustment clause and will come into effect on August 1, 2022.

The government seeks to absorb more than 70% of price increases and reduce the cost of a kilowatt-hour close to the level of last autumn through a set of measures implemented in the wholesale and retail markets.

On the other hand, developments in the international market with regard to natural gas prices are not favorable, and market sources express reservations about the effect of interventions.

However, the government assures that, if necessary, budget spending on energy subsidies will increase. The money for this will be taken from taxes, that is, from the pocket of the taxpayer.

PS After a year of sky-high energy bills, the government finally decides to intervene. Early elections in October? Without a doubt, the money for these subsidies will be received from the European Bank and, as usual, on credit, further increasing the national debt of the country …

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