Weather in Greece today and in the first half of July

In the next two days and not only, weather instability is expected in Greece, forecaster Sakis Arnautoglu promises.

According to him, in the next 48 hours the weather will change. In the central and northern regions – Macedonia, Epirus and possibly Thessaly – showers and storms are expected in the afternoon of today.

Today Saturday, July 2, will meet with a sunny cloudless sky throughout the country. However, soon after noon in the mountains / semi-mountains of Peloponnese and Steria, in Thessaly, Epirus and Macedonia, it will rain and even local storms. Manifestations of weather aggression can be quite intense.

In Attica Saturday morning sunny, only in the afternoon clouds will appear in the sky. The air temperature will reach 35°C.

In Thessaloniki sunny in the morning. In the afternoon in the western, central and northern regions of the region, light rains and thunderstorms are expected. Air temperature 32°С.

A week later, on Saturday, September 7, Sakis Arnautoglu promises cool weather, almost spring, in parts of central and especially northern Greece. The reason lies in the movement of cold air masses far to the south and, thus, they will turn the weather in some areas of central and especially northern Greece into spring. Forecaster says, writes, that “the temperature will resemble the end of May.”

According to preliminary data, says Sakis Arnautoglu, the instability will last until July 12-13, and from July 14-15 the weather in our country will stabilize.

Our publication previously reported that hailstones in northwestern Greece caused many disasters, including extensive damage to parked cars and crops. And one of the residents of Kastoria received tangible injuries – large hailstones hit her on the shoulder with force, leaving “marks” as a keepsake.

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