New viral video with Cretan grandmothers: a song about sweet eggplants, a trap and a vendetta

A new video featuring Cretan grandmothers singing trap (a sub-genre of hip-hop) and making sweet eggplants has gone viral with over 200,000 views in just a few days!

A few years after the release of the Cretan Survivor video, the “grandmothers in black” team up once again to create a delightful video that starts… a feud with trappers. Their goal is to advertise their sweet eggplants in the language of youth.

“Grandma Giannula and Grandma Rodanti bring a GANGSTA vibe to the once picturesque, now ‘dangerous’ streets of Crete on the occasion of the ultimate eggplant dessert! Nothing can stop them, commented on the video edition athensvoice.

The video clip – a hymn to sweet eggplants – was created as a promotion for the show “Summer in the South”, broadcast every summer by stations Madness 95 (Lasithi), UP 92.9 (Heraklion), Hxos 94.2 (Rethymnon) and Fresh Radio 105. (Chania). The Pancretan radio show is celebrating its 19th anniversary on Greek radio this year and producers Giorgos Balotiaris and Gogo Verigou wanted to prepare an impressive video for the premiere.

As you will see, the grandmothers are again gathering in the offices of the cultural association and are trying to find ideas on how to increase the sales of sweet eggplants. The idea comes and it seems perfect: they will create a trap. As they themselves say, which Snik and which Light ..

The grandmothers were first spotted with the Cretan Survivor video in 2017, gaining huge popularity in Greece and beyond.

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