December 1, 2023

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New LED lighting on Kifisias Avenue

“We speak with actions, not with words,” commented the governor of the region, Yorgos Patulis, on the completion of the installation of the new LED lighting on Kifisias Avenue.

The largest project, with a total budget of 36.9 million euros, involves lighting the axes of the central roads of Attica and is underway. The first results are encouraging – significant energy savings of 60% have been achieved.

There is now sufficient high-quality lighting in the northern central part of the region, which changes the situation at night and significantly improves road safety. On Kifisias Avenue, extensive work has also been carried out to maintain the operation of roads – new signs have been installed, green central islands have been created, and the road surface and markings have been updated where necessary.

According to ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ, new lighting devices are installed in the Attica on Athens-Suni Avenues (αθηνών-lateυνίου), Mesogion (μεσογείων), Singrog (συγγρού), Vulogmen (βουλιαγμένης), Kallira (ποσειδώνος (ποσειδώνος) and Hamostez (ποσειδώ αpt (ποσειδώ αpt (ποσειδ, In the next two months, the lighting replacement works will be completed in Kifissos (Κηφισό) and Omyridou Skylitsis (Ομηρίδου Σκυλίτση), and by the end of the year on the central roads of the region.

Yorgos Patulis emphasized, quotes “Our commitments did not remain on paper. We are modernizing the road network, changing the image of Attica. Improving road safety on the central road axes of Attica is a key priority, and in this context, activities regarding street lighting, road surface improvement, markings and light signaling are progressing at a very fast pace. We speak with actions, not words.”

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