15 Weird Sexual ‘Customs’

The customs that are cultivated around sex in different countries, and the way people express their sexuality around the world, is often surprising…

  1. In Lebanon, men are allowed to have sexual contact with animals, provided, however, that they are female animals. Sex with male animals is punishable by death!
  2. In Bahrain, a doctor is allowed to examine a woman’s genitals, but is not allowed to look directly at the area being examined. He can look at the reflection in the mirror and thus explore!
  3. Muslim undertakers are required to close the disputed area with a brick or piece of wood!
  4. In Indonesia, the punishment for masturbation is decapitation.
  5. Men in Guam make it their job to travel from village to village and have sex with young virgins who pay them for their first meeting. Under this law, virgins are prohibited from marrying.
  6. In Hong Kong, a devoted wife has the legal right to kill her unfaithful husband, but only if she does it herself. His mistress, on the other hand, can be killed in any way…
  7. Topless salesgirls are allowed in Liverpool, but only in tropical fish shops!
  8. In Cali, Colombia, sex can be done by a man and a woman as long as her mother is around!!!
  9. In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, it is illegal for a man to have sex with a woman and her daughter at the same time.
  10. In Samoa, before asking the parents of the beloved girl for her hand, the young man had to have sexual intercourse with her. The situation was complicated by the fact that this had to be done secretly and always in the bride’s house, where, in addition to the girl, all her relatives were. If the groom who sneaked into the house was caught at the scene of the crime, he could be beaten to a pulp. If everything went well, in the morning the father of the bride would bless the young.
  11. Congo, Zaire – in these African countries, girls sacredly guarded their innocence before marriage. The leader of the tribe had the honorable duty to deprive the bride of virginity before marriage. An interesting fact is that if he did not cope with this important task, he immediately lost power. The tribe elected a new, more responsible and temperamental leader.
  12. Sudan. The barbaric method (called infibulation) kept girls virgin until they got married in Sudan. During the ceremony, the causal place was cut off and then sewn together so that only a small hole was left for urination. The operation was carried out in public and without anesthesia: the girl’s relatives tried to drown out her cries with their cries. Years later, after the wedding, I had to do a second operation – cutting, so that the girl could start having sex with her husband.
  13. Oceania. According to the traditions of some peoples of Oceania, the girl had to maintain her innocence until marriage. Here the rite of deprivation of innocence was performed by the groom’s friends. First, with a stone knife, and only then – in a more natural and familiar way. In total, the ceremony took three days. After that, the exhausted girl was handed over to her lawful spouse.
  14. Egypt. To this day, in Egypt and some other Islamic countries, the custom of solemn public defloration has been preserved. According to tradition, during the wedding ritual, the husband must personally break the hymen of the future wife. This should be done with the index finger wrapped in a white cloth. The red color in which the matter is painted testifies to the purity of the bride. From that moment on, a woman is obliged to wear a veil and show her face only to her husband.
  15. Japan. In Japan, there is still a cult of the male genital organ. So, on the Kanamara Matsuri holiday dedicated to fertility, it is customary to carry giant phalluses made of papier-mâché through the streets. It also sells figurines, jewelry, toys, lollipops and other phallic-shaped items. Men flaunt in fancy dress and masks. Sexual contacts during the holidays are particularly sophisticated and passionate.

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