Power Pass: Who Should Recheck Their Application

The submission of a tax return was a condition for applying on the Power Pass e-platform for an allowance of 18-600 euros for electricity.

However, some have applied and then proceeded to file their income tax return. These applications were canceled and for this reason – probably for this reason – a delay was given until 5 July.

What does it mean?

Many rushed to ask for help in increasing electricity consumption, and then filed a tax return. However, when they filled out the application for electricity allowance, the system told them that the situation was “In liquidation” (Υπό εκκαθάριση), after they filed their tax return, the situation changed to “Pending submission” (Εκκρεμεί υποβολή).

The platform message is as follows:

“The details of the main place of residence have been changed, as a result of which the status of your application has changed, and its submission is pending. Please confirm the details of your application and continue submitting it by clicking the “Submit” button.

(“Τα στοιχεία κύριας κατοικίας τροποιηθεί αποτέλεσμα ηατάστασης αίτης σας να νας να ναι να εκεκεμεμεμεmy ηαας. Παρακαλώ επιβαιώστε τα στοιχεία της αίτησης και προχωρήστε στην υποβολή της χοιώντας“).

In essence, what was claimed in E1 prevailed, “erasing” what was claimed in the Power Pass, and therefore the system must double-check.

If the application remains in the “pending submission” state (“εκκρεμεί υποβολή”), then the process has not completed. You may need to re-apply for the Power Pass from the beginning so that the system can retrieve the information you provided. But in any case, it would be a good idea to contact your accountant.

It would also be good for everyone, not just those who filed a tax return after filing the application, to check the progress of the application, since no information about the sudden modification was provided to the beneficiaries.

So, as usual…

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