Bus driver who dropped off 11-year-old without mask convicted

The driver, who was accused of dropping a minor off the bus because he was not wearing a mask, was sentenced to probation.

The 58-year-old bus driver was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for three years. He was found guilty of dropping an 11-year-old student off the bus without a mask. Recall that the minor, leaving the vehicle, was left alone for a long time on the provincial road in Thessaloniki. The Criminal Court of Thessaloniki, consisting of three people, found the driver guilty of committing a crime related to endangering the health and life of a child.

The incident occurred on Thursday June 23, when a teenager boarded a city bus a few meters from his home to go to a relative’s store. After driving a few kilometers, the driver stopped the vehicle and asked the minor to wear a protective mask against the coronavirus. The teenager replied that he did not have it. Then the driver dropped the child off in the middle of the road.

The boy, having a phone with him, could not call his parents and warn them about what had happened, and ask them to pick him up, because there was no money on the card to talk to. In this way the schoolboy had to go back home in the heathoping that relatives will worry about him.

When the boy did not come to the store to his relatives, they phoned the child’s mother. The worried woman dialed her son’s number and said that they would come for him now. The minor spent 45 minutes on the road in the heat, being in danger. Before his mother called him, he managed to walk 3 kilometers.

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