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ΑΦΜ and ΑΜΚΑ are assigned in the maternity hospital

Even before the newborn gets a name, he will already have tax and insurance registration numbers in the state register of citizens.

In accordance with Article 52 of the draft law “Additional measures for the implementation of the Regulation (EU) 2019/788 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Citizens’ Initiative and the Commission for the Implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/1799 laying down technical specifications”, provides that the TIN and AMCA will be mandatory assigned to all newborns, writes dikaiologitika.gr.

Digital registration of the birth of children will be carried out in maternity hospitals with the participation of one of the parents. After their data is identified in the system, the birth documents provided for the digital registration of the birth of a child will be automatically entered into the register of citizens of the country. The birth certificate will be issued after the parents verify the information contained in it and sign the document. All this will take place within the walls of the hospital.

Newborns, in addition to AMCA and AFM, will be assigned a “Single Citizen Number”. After that, the birth certificate will be sent to register the child in the register of the parents’ family.

AFM and AMCA will be automatically mobilized to cover the insurance of the newborn. At the end of the process, parents are automatically informed via SMS or e-mail about the registration with the Social Insurance Fund. If there are unresolved issues, they will also be informed.

It should be noted that the automatic payment of the birth allowance will be processed electronically. Since the IBAN will be registered in the mother’s bank account at the maternity hospital, ΑΑΔΕ will inform OPECA of financial data related to the criteria for issuing maternity benefits.

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