"What are we for?" – Greek Foreign Ministry on the expulsion of 8 diplomats from Russia

The Greek Foreign Ministry issued a statement regarding the decision of the Russian authorities to declare eight diplomatic employees of the Greek Embassy in Moscow, as well as the Consulate General in Moscow, “persona non grata.”

“We express our deep regret over the decision of the Russian authorities to declare eight employees of the Greek Embassy in Moscow, as well as the Consulate General in Moscow, persona non grata,” the statement said. published on the website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“There are no grounds for the decision of the Russian authorities to deport to Russia employees of Greek diplomatic and consular institutions, who, distinguished by professionalism and a high sense of responsibility, performed their duties in accordance with the provisions of the Vienna Conventions and consular relations. Greece maintains a position of principle, guided by respect for international law. It goes without saying that the Embassy in Moscow, as well as the consular offices in Russia, will continue to make every effort at their disposal to continue their mission in particularly difficult conditions.”

A slightly strange statement from the Greek Foreign Ministry, given that earlier Greece expelled 12 Russian diplomats from the countrywhich led to a sharp cooling of relations between the countries. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova named deportation of Russian diplomats “an unprecedented step” in Russian-Greek relations.

Statement by Maria Zakharova on the deportation of Russian diplomats

“This is a truly unprecedented step in Russian-Greek relations. This only confirms how diligently the Greek authorities are pursuing a course towards dismantling our bilateral multifaceted and mutually beneficial cooperation. It is sad that centuries-old historical, cultural and economic ties are being instantly sacrificed in the name of “transatlantic solidarity” “, – Zakharova said in an appeal after a statement by the Russian Ambassador to Greece A. Maslov.

“There is no doubt that those who made the unreasonable decision to expel our personnel from the country wanted to sow discord between the Russian and Greek peoples. Despite the fact that everything is now being done to discredit Russia, cause the maximum possible damage to our bilateral relations and reduce our diplomatic representative offices, we are convinced that in the long term these schemes are doomed to failure. Athens bears full responsibility for this hostile step, “said the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry. “We will respond adequately,” M. Zakharova summed up the statement.

It is strange that the Greek Foreign Ministry managed to forget about what happened. Or is it such “subtle trolling” of Russia?

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