Thieves threw a 400-kilogram safe from a balcony in Thessaloniki (video)

A group of thieves threw a safe weighing 400 kg from the balcony of an apartment building in Thessaloniki, located on the sixth floor. They then loaded him into a car and fled the scene…

A very non-trivial story in cinematic style took place in the northern capital on Sunday night. The thieves found out that the owners of the house had gone to the island of Paros on business and robbed the businessman in two nights.

Unknown people broke into the house of a well-known local businessman at about 3 am. Having entered the office, they turned out a huge and heavy safe, and, breaking the glass of the fence, threw it from the balcony.

According to media reports, when falling from the 6th floor, the safe hit the balcony of the 4th floor and formed a hole in the awning. Having fallen to the ground, the safe left a solid dent in the sidewalk.

The robbers went outside, loaded their booty into the car and disappeared into the darkness of the city streets.

The media reports that the entire operation took two nights. On the first night, 2 people entered the apartment, turned the security cameras in the other direction and turned off the alarm. On the second night, four people entered the businessman’s house (in the guise of loaders, not otherwise), turned over the safe weighing 400 kg to the balcony, threw it down and disappeared without a trace. The police launched a search.

The contents of the safe were not initially known. The media later reported that it allegedly contained 300,000 euros in cash and 15 collectible watches worth 700,000 euros.

The businessman has filed a police report about the theft and is offering a large sum as a reward for catching the criminals. Their car got on the gas station surveillance cameras.

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