Thessaloniki: the dramatic finale of a family tragedy

A family tragedy is behind the incident involving two passengers in a car crashing into the sea at the fishing port of Nei Epivates in Thessaloniki, northern Greece. The 72-year-old mother and her 50-year-old son decided to commit suicide on Monday afternoon.

It was the swimmer who saw how the car at the pier picks up speed and falls into the water. He alerted the police and the rescue service.

Divers, Coast Guard, Fire and Rescue Team Ε.Μ.Α.Κ. arrived at the scene and began an operation to remove the car from the water.

Video: removing the car from the water through

However, it was not possible to save two passengers … Mother and son were determined to commit suicide: both were handcuffed, which were attached to the steering wheel, they were tied to each other with ropes, and there were backpacks with sand on their backs.

The coroner was at the scene when the car was lifted out of the water. The police and Coast Guard initially suspected a crime. However, according to the results of the first forensic medical examination on the spot, no traces of violence or other external influences were found on the bodies of the passengers. An autopsy should establish the exact cause of their death.

The man was identified first, and it soon became clear that the second passenger was his mother. It is not clear if they had identification cards with them.

According to local publication Thestival, the suicide was the dramatic ending to a tragic family story. Two years ago, the eldest son committed suicide. Soon after, the father of the family died, unable to cope with the loss of his son. The youngest son and mother remained alive …

The tragic event took place around 3 p.m. Monday. According to eyewitnesses, the car was moving along the coastal road, drove to the pier, stopped for a while, after which the driver pressed the gas pedal and drove straight into the sea…

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