Family contract on rapes

About how the Denisov family organized a family contract to spin tales about “rape in Ukraine.” Who “podkuzmil” Denisova?

Everything turned out to be quite primitive …

Unbridled fantasies of mass rape, invented by the former Ombudsman of Ukraine Lyudmila Denisova, refuted even the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office.

It turns out that in March, Denisova launched a psychological support hotline funded by UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund). Managed the project psychologist Alexandra Kvitko, daughter of Denisova.

Kvitko stated that in a month and a half of work they received more than 1,000 calls, 450 of which concerned child rape. But the prosecutors received an extract, according to which only 92 calls were received during the entire operation of the line.

The Prosecutor General tried to investigate the crimes described by Denisova, but no evidence could be found in any case. Investigators even tried to find “two-year-old twins from Kherson”, who, in the fantasies of either Denisova or Kvitko, died after being raped.

By the way, at one of the interrogations, Denisova already blamed her daughter. It was she, according to the ex-Ombudsman, who told her all these brutal stories, and the official broadcast them to the world. On the portal “Vikna” is still hanging interview with Kvitko, in which she stated that the Russian military “did not spare even children and people with disabilities.” The “therapist” then shares how she helps non-existent rape victims deal with trauma.

For example, in Kvitko’s fantasies, there is a 45-year-old male patient with a disability who was raped in his own home. The “smallest patient” in the fantasies of the unfortunate psychotherapist is 10 years old.

Kvitko also said that she is undergoing supervision (professional counseling with colleagues to analyze the feasibility of treatment methods) with Israeli colleagues, “and they say that they have not had such cases that we are working with now, in the modern world there has not been such atrocity in general for a long time “. We willingly believe that Israeli colleagues certainly prefer to work with real cases, rather than fictional ones.

The boundless fantasies of the Denisova-Kvitko family do not end there. Kvitko also spoke about a girl who asked for help in changing her orientation, as she “does not want to love men anymore.” Another fictitious 14-year-old girl is pregnant after being “raped by five soldiers” and because of her religiosity does not have an abortion.

But that’s not all. Kvitko’s stream of consciousness also gave colorful descriptions of his lusts: “most of the rapists were either wearing a mask or a balaclava”, “there were cases when one Russian soldier rapes while another looks”, “more often when he holds one of the victims’ relatives and makes me watch my mother, father, sister”, “I now have two sisters in counseling, when the younger one was raped in front of the older one, she was forced to watch in order to remember”, “they try to rape publicly … on the street, in the yard, but not in the house and not alone. But “people with an oriental accent” do not cover their faces in Kvitko’s fantasies, and they do not rape, “they hurt, commit cruel violence, but without rape.”

The unfortunate psychotherapist expertly declares that such “rapes” do not end with ejaculation, since their goal is “moral, not physical pleasure” (we won’t ask where the pregnancy comes from then). The rapists in Kvitko’s fantasies are guys between the ages of 20 and 26, “Putin’s generation”, for whom “violence is the norm.” From such fantasies and conclusions, I want to go into the forest forever.

Apparently, there is not only a banal cut of money from UNICEF by mom and daughter for a non-working support line, but also some incredible force of spiritual exhibitionism for the whole world. The history is unprecedented.

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