"Bitter" coffee: frappe price reached 4.5 euros

Prices for coffee are skyrocketing, even for a paper cup to take away, the price of a drink exceeded 3 euros.

According to a Pricefox study, in Attica the most expensive take-away coffee is the fredo cappuccino, which now reaches 4.5 euros in the Kolonaki region and 3.5 euros in Marousi. In the Nea Philadelphia area, the most expensive coffee is fredo espresso, its price is 3.5 euros.

In Neos Kosmos, the highest price is fixed for Greek coffee (3.1 euros), and the most expensive frappe can be bought in Kolonaki for 2.6 euros.

Prices are still at normal levels in Monastiraki, Ampelokipi, Piraeus, Ilion and Acharnes, with consumers able to find all types of coffee for under €1.5 in certain locations.

Below are the minimum and maximum coffee prices in Attica:

• Cappuccino €1.20–€4.30
• Fredo Cappuccino €1.40–€4.50
• Espresso 1.10–3.50 euros
• Fredo Espresso 1.20–4.10 euros
• Filtered € 1.10 – € 3.80
• Greek €1.10 – €3.10
• Frappe 1.10–3.60 euros.

In Thessaloniki, the cheapest takeaway coffee costs from 1.1 euros, Greek coffee and espresso reach up to 4 euros. The average price of a cappuccino is 1.94 euros, an espresso is 1.5 euros, a cappuccino fredo is 2.23 euros, and a frappe is 1.52 euros.

Below are the minimum and maximum coffee prices in Thessaloniki:

• Cappuccino 1.20–3.50 euros
• Fredo Cappuccino 1.40–4.00 €
• Espresso: €1.10-€3.20.
• Fredo Espresso 1.20–3.50 euros
• Filtered € 1.20 – € 4.00
• Greek €1.10 – €2.20
• Frappe 1.10–1.80 euros.

In Patras, consumers will pay up to 2.68 euros for takeaway filter coffee, according to a Pricefox study. Average prices are about 1.7 euros for fredo, cappuccino and frappe, for Greek – 1.34 euros. The most expensive cappuccino is sold for 2.3 euros, and the most expensive Greek coffee in Patras is 1.6 euros.

Below are the minimum and maximum coffee prices in Patras:

• Cappuccino 1.20–2.30 euros
• Fredo Cappuccino 1.60–2.30 euros.
• Espresso 1.10–1.80 euros
• Fredo Espresso 1.60–2.30 euros
• Filtered € 1.30 – € 2.70
• Greek €1.20 – €1.60
• Frappe 1.30–1.80 euros.

Larisa has gained fame among coffee lovers with her virtuosos preparing delicious drinks. Here, the maximum prices for fredo-cappuccino and fredo-espresso reach 3.5 euros and 3.3 euros, respectively. The average price of a cappuccino in Larissa is the highest in Greece and is 2.2 euros. Accordingly, the champions in terms of high prices for the residents of Larissa are other varieties of coffee with an average price for espresso, fredo espresso and Greek coffee of about 1.8 euros, 2.27 euros and 1.75 euros, respectively.

Below are the minimum and maximum prices for coffee in Larisa:

• Cappuccino 1.60–2.40 euros
• Fredo Cappuccino 2.20–3.50 euros
• Espresso 1.40–2.30 euros
• Fredo Espresso €1.80-€3.30.
• Filtered 1.70 € – 2.30 €
• Greek €1.60 – €1.80
• Frappe 1.40–3.50 euros.

After Larissa in Crete, together with Athens, the most expensive is fredo espresso with an average price of 1.63 euros.

Below are the minimum and maximum prices for coffee in Crete:

• Cappuccino 1.40–3.30 euros
• Fredo Cappuccino 1.60–3.75 euros.
• Espresso 1.20–2.20 euros
• Fredo Espresso 1.40–3.45 euros.
• Filtered 1.40 € – 2.70 €
• Greek €1.20 – €1.80
• Frappe € 1.20–€ 1.80

Entrepreneurs in the coffee industry say they are having trouble with rising energy prices. In addition, frosts in Brazil and rising shipping costs have led to an increase in coffee prices. A study by the Athens University of Economics and Business, presented at the 2nd Coffee Business Forum, suggests that 68% of Greeks consume two or more glasses (cups) of coffee per day.

So, combined with Pricefox’s study of recent coffee prices in Greece, a reasonable question arises as to how much the household budget might be burdened after a new price increase.

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