How much does it cost to sunbathe on the organized beach of Attica

The beaches of Attica: how much money to take with you to soak up the sun on the “organized” seashore.

The cost of a beach holiday on an organized beach depends on its location and the services offered. For many, this is a good alternative to a trip “somewhere far away” – in any case, you can save on tickets, accommodation and homemade food instead of restaurant food. Is the cost of a holiday on the beaches of Attica affordable for everyone? We understand.

The merciless rise in prices for goods and services this year has also affected the sphere of beach recreation – prices have increased compared to previous seasons, even within Attica. Some beaches charge entrance fees, others charge sunbeds, and almost all have different prices on weekdays and weekends/holidays. I will start my review with “budget” options, that is, we will move from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Beach “Sunshine” Alimosa – a fairly economical option. This is one of the favorite beaches near Athens, where you can go at least every day. It stretches far along the coast, equipped with sunbeds, changing rooms and showers, there is a medical center, a marine park with inflatable toys, beach volley and racket games, water sports equipment and a swimming pool. It is preferred by families, as here you can find activities for all ages, but young people also love it, attracted by the famous beach bar Bolivar. The total entrance fee from Monday to Friday is 6€, sunbed fee is 2€. For the unemployed and the elderly over 65 years of age, as well as for children under 12 years of age, the pay is lower. On weekends and holidays, the price increases to 8 euros for general admission and 4 euros for sun loungers.

Very large, for several kilometers, a beach with white sand and virgin nature is Blue coast of Schinia (Σχοινιά). Nearby is a nature reserve and a coniferous forest, cicadas sing, the cleanest sea. Not crowded, because it is very long and is located far from settlements. Ideal for small children. This is truly a place where you want to return again and again. On the Blue Coast beach on weekdays, admission is free, the minimum charge per person is 3 euros, and you will have to pay 2 euros for a sunbed. On weekends and holidays, the entrance fee is 3 euros, for teenagers 1.5 euros, and the cost of a sunbed rises to 5-7 euros.

Beach Vouliagmeni offers to buy an entrance ticket worth 10 euros on weekdays and 15 euros – on weekends. But the emerald waters and gorgeous white sands of the organized beach are worth it. Reduced prices are available. It is possible to secure a place on the beach and a sunbed online – 32.5 euros for 2 sun loungers that can accommodate two adults and 2 children under 15 years old. Free parking and valuables storage services are provided.

On the coast Varkiza on weekdays, sun loungers are free, but you will have to pay for entry – 7.50 euros is a general ticket, for pensioners, students and children under 12 years of age there are special prices. On weekends, visitors pay up to 8.5 euros to enter the beach, and 10 euros for a set of sunbeds.

To the beach Eden Beach admission is free, but the price for a beach set – an umbrella and 2 sun loungers – starts at 25 euros on weekends. On weekdays it is cheaper – 10 euros. More expensive beach Astera Vouliagmeni – with free admission for an umbrella and sun loungers on weekdays you will have to pay 50 euros, and weekends – 80 euros. Booking a seat online costs approximately 70 euros on weekdays (not the first row) and 140 euros on holidays and weekends.

AT LagonisiIn a hotel grand beach, in addition to an umbrella and sun loungers, additional services are offered – a private area, a safe, a waiter’s button – as well as two bottles of water and two snacks. All this is included in the price: 80 euros on weekdays, 130 euros on weekends, writes

So there is a choice for every budget. For those who found it insultingly empty, no one canceled the “unorganized beaches” – the entrance there is absolutely free, and the municipalities are trying to keep them clean.

Previously, our publication reported that the first free from tobacco smoke the beach in Attica is preparing to welcome swimmers and sunbathers, the mayor of Rafina-Pikermi and the director general of the Rafina Port Authority said in early June. The smoke-free beach is part of the environmental program “Small acts, Big Crimes”, which the authorities are implementing in the region of eastern Attica, about 50 km from Athens.

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