September 22, 2023

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WHO: more than 900 cases of acute hepatitis in children officially registered

The World Health Organization reports 920 cases of acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children in 33 countries.

Referring to WHO data, Reuters clarifies that this is 270 cases more than it was in May. Europe accounts for 50% of possible cases, of which 267 are in the UK. A third of all diseases are recorded in the United States.

Of the 422 cases for which more detailed sex and age information is available, almost 50% are boys under six years of age.

45 small patients with acute hepatitis needed a liver transplant. In 18 cases, a fatal outcome was registered, most of the deaths in the United States.

About the outbreak of acute hepatitis in young children first reported April this year in the UK. By the end of the month, of all reported cases, 114 were in the UK, 13 in Spain, 12 in Israel, 9 in the US, 6 in Denmark, at least five cases in Ireland, 4 each in the Netherlands and 4 in Italy, 2 each in Norway and France , one each in Belgium and Romania. The age of sick children is from 1 month to 16 years. On May 1, a 14-month-old baby was diagnosed with the first case of hepatitis in Greece.

Since then, a disease of unknown origin has swept through dozens of other countries on the planet. The disease is running clinically difficult and often causes acute liver failure.

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