The ugliest, but the most beloved and happiest

The winner of the contest for the ugliest dog was a 17-year-old representative of the Chinese Crested breed “adopted” during the pandemic named Happy Face (happy face).

Competition “World’s Ugliest Dog” was held last Friday in California (USA). An old Chinese crested dog, 17 years old, won first prize among nine other contenders at an annual event that has been running for decades.

With a punk haircut and constantly hanging tongue, “Happy Face” is named the ugliest dog in the world. The future champion and his mistress, 41-year-old musician Jeneda Benali, met last year, during the coronavirus pandemic, in a kennel. The woman recalls that she was warned – this is an elderly dog ​​with health problems:

“The kennel staff tried to prepare me for what I was about to see. I saw a creature that was really old, needed a second chance and deserved love.”

Veterinarians have warned the potential owner that the dog may only live a few weeks due to health problems. Jeneda Benali says:

“But his mother’s love, kindness and kisses helped him cope with the problems. Mr. Happy Face is used to sleeping, snoring, whining in his sleep and making strange noises when he is happy.”

Competition, writes cnn.grin every possible way supports and encourages the adoption of dogs, even those that constantly stick out their tongues and lack hair.

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