Survived after 15 hits with an ax

A Greek woman lived for years in a nightmare of domestic violence. Two years after the attack on her with her husband’s ax, she is afraid of only one thing – that the man who wanted to kill her will be released from prison.

August 2020. The images are shocking. A 67-year-old man beat his ex-wife in the middle of the street, inflicting 15 blows on her with an ax. Eleni, on the verge of death, has barely survived and is fighting to raise her two children with dignity. The documentary video captures the horror of what happened.

“He (husband) said to me: “Tonight you will die.” He grabbed me by the neck and hit me on the head with an axe. I resisted, he grabbed my hair and dragged me, continuing to strike … After that, I don’t remember anything. The video that was shown to me shows that a gentleman was passing by and stopped him by hitting him with a stick,” the victim told MEGA.

The injuries inflicted on her by her ex-husband with an ax are clearly visible on the woman’s body even two years later. “I received 15 blows with an ax: two in the face, and the rest on the head and back. I spent two months in the hospital in a critical condition. However, thanks to the efforts of doctors and the will of the Lord, I survived,” Eleni added.

“I am very afraid that he will get out of prison and continue what he started … The only thing he regretted was that he did not sharpen an ax to cut my throat,” the victim emphasized at the hands of her own tyrant husband.

Recall that the man was sentenced to 14 years in prison and is now being held in Trikala prison.

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