Germany considers nationalizing part of Nord Stream 2

The German Ministry of Economy plans to nationalize part of Nord Stream 2, the German weekly Der Spiegel reported on Friday.

The publication notes that in this case, the German section of the gas pipeline can be redesigned for connection to a floating LNG terminal in the Baltic Sea. The Ministry of Economy of Germany did not confirm or deny the message that it is studying such a possibility.

According to the plans, the newspaper writes, the section of the gas pipeline laid on German territory can be disconnected from the rest of the SP-2. A pipe leading from the shore to the sea can be connected to a floating LNG terminal. According to Der Spiegel, officials of the Ministry of Economy discussed this issue at a meeting with representatives of the Nord Stream 2 concern. The advantage of such a plan is that the gas pipeline is connected on the coast of Germany to a first-class distribution network with compressor stations and pipelines that can directly transport natural gas to the south of the country .

The publication claims that it is technically not difficult to lift and disconnect the gas pipeline, but, according to experts, problems for the environment may arise. The gas pipeline is laid in a nature protection zone, and any work to change it will automatically lead to the need to conduct an environmental impact assessment.

In Berlin, according to the publication, citing sources in industrial circles, they fear retaliatory measures from the Putin regime. One of the possible, for example, could be the expropriation of German companies in the Russian Federation. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian president, declined to comment on Der Spiegel’s report on Friday. He declared that there was no point in “engaging in hypothetical reasoning.” According to Peskov, this “publication cannot be the basis for any responsible statements,” writes BB.LV.

Our publication previously reported about problems with gas supplies to Europe. First, due to sanctions problems with Siemens equipment, gas pumping through Nord Stream was reduced by 40%. Already unpleasant, but generally solvable. Then the German Energy Network Agency announced the start of an inspection of the state of Nord Stream, and therefore the gas pipeline would not work for 2 weeks in mid-July. And then the large Texas LNG terminal Freeport LNG, which had a fire a week ago, announced that it was partially suspending its work, for about 90 days instead of the promised 2 weeks.

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