Chimpanzee escaped from Attica Zoological Park

In Greece, in a famous zoo in Attica, there was a nightmarish incident.

A video from social networks captures the moment when a chimpanzee, having escaped from the enclosure, runs away from the guards. The male chimpanzee left the cage on Saturday morning (6/25). After the guards failed to catch him, they had to finish off the wild (dangerous) animal. The situation literally blew up social networks, causing a “flurry” of public indignation.

A video showing the moment a chimpanzee runs out of the Attica Zoological Park was released today.

The degree of public outcry went off scale. Citizens of the country, and even from abroad, are asking the question: “Why was the animal killed and not euthanized?”.


The news of the killing of a chimpanzee in the zoological park of Attica caused sadness and anger. This is how the responsible person comments on the situation when he was “pinned against the wall” with uncomfortable questions.

As it became known, after an incident with other monkeys, the chimpanzee left his cage, after which he was surrounded by park security officers and killed.

The news, as well as the tragic details of the killing of the animal, were published by the Zoological Park of Attica on his personal Instagram page and in an announcement on the website.

Announcement: “On the morning of June 25, at 09:40, a chimpanzee that got out of the enclosure was found by the park staff.

Security protocol was immediately activated, the police were alerted, visitors were isolated, and the chimpanzee, with coordinated movements by security personnel in the presence of veterinarians, was “chased into the park’s security zone.” After assessing the state of the wild animal (adrenaline level), it was decided to neutralize it.

This is a tragic day for the park, which led to the death of a beloved animal.

Why were they killed and not euthanized?

Anesthetics act on a calm animal in about 5-10 minutes. In an animal with increased adrenaline, this period can reach 20 minutes. “Chimpanzees are in the red and highest risk category, therefore, according to safety protocols and a situation assessment, neutralization is provided for by competent veterinarians observing the behavior of the animal.”

The reaction of the responsible person to angry reviews

“I understand the concerns of some people. In the statement you are reading, we emphasized that an animal that is in a state of agitation and anxiety, with high levels of adrenaline, cannot be euthanized.

We isolated him and watched him for about 20 minutes, tried to put him back in the cage, but he showed signs of extreme agitation and aggression. We would not be able to limit it if the chimpanzee got out of the park perimeter, ”Mr. Lesueur explained.

“There was no other solution than to neutralize the animal. In such situations, we follow international protocols,” he added.

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