Week of payments on July pensions and OPECA benefits

The week of payments for millions of pensioners, as well as for thousands of OPECA recipients, begins the day after tomorrow, on Monday, June 27th.

The Board of Directors has approved the following deadlines for the payment of the July e-EFKA pensions:

  • Retirees from the former ΟΑΕΕ, OΓA, NAT, ETAA, ETAT, ETAΠ-MME KAI ΔEH funds will be paid on Monday, June 27, 2022.
  • Pensioners from the former IKA-ETAM, TPAΠEZΩN, OTEΛOIΠΩN ENTAΣΣOMENΩN (TΣEAΠΓΣO, TΣΠ-HΣAΠ) και ΔHMOΣIO, whose AMKA ends with the numbers 1,3,5,7,9, will be paid on June 28, 2022, Tuesday.
  • Pensioners from the former IKA-ETAM, TPAΠEZΩN, OTE, ΛOIΠΩN ENTAΣΣOMENΩN (TΣEAΠΓΣO, TΣΠ-HΣAΠ) και ΔHMOΣIO funds, whose AMKA ends with 0,2,4,6,8, will be paid on Wednesday, June 29, 2022.

OPECA benefits

On Thursday, June 30, OPECA will make the following payments:

  • Housing allowance (Επίδομα στέγασης).
  • Minimum Guaranteed Income
  • Disability allowance (Αναπηρικά).
  • Housing assistance (Στεγαστική συνδρομή).
  • Expatriate allowance (Επίδομα ομογενών).
  • Uninsured, Law 1296/1982 (Ανασφ. Υπερ. Σύνταξη του ν. 1296/1982).
  • Social Security Benefit for the Elderly
  • Funeral expenses (Έξοδα κηδείας).
  • Birth allowance (Επίδομα γέννησης).
  • Child allowance (Επίδομα παιδιού),
  • Red credits (Κόκκινα δάνεια).
  • Allowance for orphans whose parents died in natural disasters
  • First Home Grant Program / BRIDGE
  • Help (Επίδομα αναδοχής).

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