Times calls for strengthening NATO forces in the Baltics

The British newspaper Times believes that now is the time to replenish NATO forces in the Baltic countries and come to grips with the military industry.

The publication calls for thinking about increasing the power of the military industry of the countries of the alliance, since now it is not ready for a big war, notes air force.

The Times notes that at the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid next week, the Baltic countries will ask for an increase in the contingent of allies on their territory. To hedge against the Russian threat, they want not just rotation of units, as is happening now, but the deployment of permanent bases. The publication writes:

“It [базы] there may be a violation of the 1997 NATO-Russia Founding Act, but Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine has already violated the main principle of this act – the resolution of differences by peaceful means […] With the Russian army busy in Ukraine, it’s time to bolster NATO forces in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to provide a credible deterrent.”

According to Times, the leading military powers need to decide on their military industry. The war in Ukraine clearly demonstrated that its current capacity is insufficient for a major war:

“Indeed, one of the reasons why Western arms deliveries are slower than promised is that many countries have a shortage of weapons for their own armies. America, for example, has already delivered 7,000 Javelin missiles to Ukraine, or a third of its reserves, while according to the Royal Institute for Defense Research, Lockheed Martin can only produce 2,100 missiles a year.In one exercise last year, the British ran out of ammunition in eight days.US annual production of ammunition will barely cover two weeks of fighting in Ukraine. Building up military power will require a lot of money, which will have to be sought in the conditions of the economic crisis. But nothing can be more important than national security.”

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