The habit of hanging your arm out of a car window can be costly.

Lovers poke out window driving vehicle hand and “catching” with it jets of incoming summer air can lead to a serious accident with serious consequences.

The arrival of summer uplifts the mood and makes you direct your thoughts to carefree moments of relaxation and rest. However, the authorities are urging all road users to be especially focused behind the wheel, as there are some “summer habits” that should be avoided, even if they are not punishable by law.

One of them is the regular practice of some drivers to drive a car, holding the steering wheel exclusively with their right hand, and sticking their left elbow out of an open window or even hanging their arm.

It seems like an innocent and harmless habit, but the reality is different, because driving with one hand drastically reduces the ability to control the car. And in an emergency situation (for example, violation of the STOP sign by another vehicle) does not allow you to make the necessary movements with the steering wheel to prevent an accident.

Let’s also not forget that, according to studies, at a temperature of +35°C (especially common in the summer in Greece), the reaction behind the wheel is already 20% lower (slowed down) than at a temperature of about +25°C. Why, then, should we further weaken our driving skills, rendering our left hand practically useless?

In some cases indeedthe futility” of one hand (out the window) can not only prevent us from avoiding an impending danger, but also cause it.

When the hand is essentially outside the window, it is completely exposed to the many hazards on the road network. This is especially true for motorcycles passing (squeezing) between cars at high speed, which even sometimes cleanly “cut off” the mirrors.

It does not take much intelligence to understand the extent of the injury if the motorcycle does hit the hand of a “relaxed” rider.

In a word, summer is a first-class opportunity for relaxation. However, relaxation is worth devoting time to on the beach or front lawn (and, as an option, on the couch in front of the TV), but certainly not while driving on the road, despite the fact that you are driving.

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