Greek state television advertised a way to drain gasoline

Greek state television has been criticized for an “informative” story in which viewers were shown how to pump gasoline out of cars.

The Guardian says that the journalist Kostas Stama clearly explained the essence of the method during the morning broadcast of Συνδέσεις ΕΡΤ:

“It’s not very difficult… you don’t even need a special tube, even a watering hose will do.”

The car repairman then pointed out where to pierce the car’s fuel tank to steal the contents. Netizens did not hesitate to comment. One of them tweeted: “Are you guys out of your mind? Giving people advice on stealing gasoline?” Another joked: “Following advice on two ways to easily steal gasoline, ERT is now preparing new instructions on how to open locks and steal wallets.”

The video was shown by the Greek satirical website Luben, and by Thursday it had been watched by more than 170,000 viewers. Another 32,500 users learned how to drain someone else’s gasoline after watching the original story on Twitter.

And most importantly, important information arrived on time! Fuel prices in Greece are steadily rising: on Wednesday in Athens, a liter of gasoline cost 2.37 euros, and in Rhodes and neighboring islands – more than 2.50 euros.

Greek authorities are actively resisting calls to cut taxes on fuel. Instead, they offer subsidies of 30-50 euros for less wealthy car and motorcycle owners. In May, the annual inflation rate in Greece reached 11.3%, setting an absolute record for 29 years.

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