What type of coffee is the lowest calorie

Those who cannot imagine life without coffee, but count calories, as well as those who are interested in what low-calorie coffee is, are probably already looking for answers to their questions.

There is nothing better than starting the day with coffee…

Coffee, which we enjoy drinking in the morning before breakfast, allows us to start the day more cheerfully.

Coffee, one of the first drinks that comes to mind after eating and exercising, while communicating with loved ones, is an integral part of our lives.

While coffee is becoming more diverse every day, those who want to lose weight prefer less calorie drinks.

Experts also say that when we drink coffee, we should prefer coffee without sugar.

In addition, drinking black filtered coffee before exercising is known to speed up fat burning.

So how many calories are in the coffee we drink every day? Here are the details…

Unsweetened filter coffee:

  • 1 small cup of filter coffee: 2 calories
  • 1 medium cup filtered coffee (called Gallico-French in Greece): 2 calories
  • 1 large cup of unsweetened filter coffee contains 3 calories.

Coffee filtered with sugar and milk:

  • 100 ml filtered coffee with sugar and milk: 12 calories.
  • 200 ml of filtered coffee with sugar and milk contains 24 calories.

Starbucks filtered coffee:

  • Filter coffee small: 3 calories
  • Filter coffee medium: 4 calories.
  • Filter coffee large: 5 calories
  • Filter coffee is extra large: 7 calories.

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Another type of coffee that we can call the lowest calorie is espresso.

Its calorie content is negligible. The calorie ratio of espresso coffee is 1 to 30 milliliters.

Although latte is higher in calories than black coffee due to its milk content, you can balance its calorie content with milk content and size.

Latte calories:

  • Skimmed milk latte: 67 calories
  • Full fat milk latte: 114 calories.
  • Soy Milk Latte: 75 calories.

Cold coffee: frappe, fredo and their varieties

Cold coffee – fredo

One of the most popular summer drinks in Greece is, without a doubt, iced coffee. In Greece, most often they drink frappe and fredo (fredo cappuccino – fredo espresso).

The cold drink, which you can safely drink due to its low calorie content, is a diet drink that can be consumed without milk and sugar. However, the latter is a matter of taste.

Frappe categories are about the same as for Greek coffee sketos, metrios, glycos. That is, black, medium sweetness and sweet. Some add milk, some don’t, it’s a matter of taste. Of course, they drink frappe not only in summer, but all year round.

Cold coffee calories:

  • Small fredo without sugar: 1 calorie
  • Medium fredo without sugar: 3 calories
  • Big fredo without sugar: 5 calories.
  • Small fredo medium sugar (matrio): 12 calories
  • Medium fredo medium sugar (matrio): 15 calories
  • Large fredo medium sugar (matrio): 18 calories.
  • Small Fredo Cappuccino without sugar: 30 calories
  • Medium Fredo Cappuccino without Sugar: 35 calories
  • Large Fredo Cappuccino without Sugar: 40 calories.
  • Small fredo cappuccino medium sugar (matrio): 45 calories
  • Medium fredo cappuccino medium sugar (matrio): 50 calories
  • Large Fredo Cappuccino Medium Sugar (Matrio): 55 calories


The benefits of coffee

Coffee contains a high level of antioxidants, which strengthens the immune system due to their properties.
Removes drowsiness, helps with fatigue.
Coffee is rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

Its use during pregnancy and lactation is harmful.
People with liver and kidney disease should avoid coffee as it contains potassium.

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