Drunk Brits do "miracles" on flights

A drunken Briton, once on board the airliner, disrupted the flight. According to the information, he was vindictive and aggressive.

A 34-year-old drunk boarded an overnight Birmingham-Heraklion flight, according to public television. According to the same information, he was vindictive, aggressive, screamed and did not obey the crew’s recommendations.

The pilot informed the control tower about the behavior of the foreigner, and at the end of the flight, police officers from the airport control were already waiting for him. After the plane landed in Heraklion, the Briton was arrested, while the man continued to behave defiantly and, it seems, never sobered up, not understanding what was happening and where he was.

The lawlessness committed by tourists from Britain, apparently, begins on the plane. Just a couple of weeks ago, a British tourist urinated (!) on his brother during a flight to Crete, as a result of which he was arrested.

Incredible scenes unfolded on the plane when a British tourist peed on his relative during a flight from London to Crete. According to the publication Sun, which also publishes footage of the passenger of the flight that recorded the incident, it all started with the fact that one of the two brothers tried to go to the toilet, but was so drunk that he could not get up.

Then the deranged tourist decided to urinate on his brother, which led to their quarrel and violent showdown. The pilot was forced to land the plane in Corfu, and the man was arrested.

Witnesses, who are shocked by what happened right in front of their eyes, say that two empty bottles of vodka were found under the seats, which, apparently, the tourist used “in one person.”

As a result of the riots, the flight was delayed by more than 4 hours. The airline fined the two brothers £50,000.

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