December 10, 2023

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The European Parliament voted for candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution calling for candidate status for membership in EU for Ukraine and Moldova, and to support Georgia’s European perspective.

About this, as he writes “European Truth”, said the press service of the European Parliament. 529 deputies voted “for” the resolution, 45 voted “against”, 14 abstained.

In the resolution, the parliamentarians call on the European Council “without delay” to grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of an EU candidate. Georgia is awaiting a similar recommendation “when its government fulfills” the priorities indicated by the European Commission.

MEPs insist that there is no “fast track” to EU membership. Accession remains a structured and merit-based process that requires the fulfillment of EU membership criteria and depends on the effective implementation of reforms. The Parliament calls on the authorities of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia to “unequivocally demonstrate their political determination to realize the European ambitions of their people” and accelerate reforms in order to effectively meet the criteria for EU membership as soon as possible.

The resolution also notes that there is no alternative to enlargement, which is “more than ever a geostrategic investment” in a stable, strong and united EU.

This resolution, like all resolutions of the European Parliament, has a recommendatory character. A decision on granting EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova will be made later Thursday at an EU summit. After the decision of the summit, it must be formally certified by the European Parliament, writes TASS.

Previously, as reported our publication, the leaders of the groups of the European Parliament adopted an appeal to the leadership of European countries to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership at the June summit of the bloc.

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