Taxi driver convicted of refusing to deliver customers – a blind girl with a guide dog

A few hours ago, an unprecedented conviction was handed down against a professional taxi driver who refused to let a blind girl into the car because of a guide dog accompanying her.

According to a member of the board of directors of the Athens Bar Association and lawyer Vangelis Avgulas, the taxi driver also used violence against a trained Labrador.

“Following the verdict of justice, the need for social dialogue to expand the rights of the blind, free movement with guide dogs, as a daily struggle for normal living conditions in urban environments, became obvious,” Mr. Avgulas said in his statement. “I would like to thank the Greek Guide Dogs for their trust in me and colleagues Themis Sofos and Anastasia Jareni for their valuable support in the case,” concludes the lawyer and president of AMKE (Πρόεδρος της ΑΜΚΕ “Με Άλλα Μάτια”).

Complaints about taxi drivers: guide dogs are not allowed into the cabin

Recently, there have been more and more complaints about taxi drivers who refuse to serve visually impaired citizens because they do not want their guide dogs to be in the car. According to an investigation published by SKAI, dozens of taxis pass potential customers with vision problems, not considering them as passengers just because they are accompanied by a guide dog, the most faithful friend and assistant for movement. Visually impaired citizens are not allowed into the car, as a rule, under the pretext “so that the dog does not stain the interior”, or the taxi driver is “allergic to wool”.

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