Greece: wild brawl at Mad Video Music Awards 2022

At the Mad Video Music Awards last night at the Tae Kwon Do Indoor Stadium (Κλειστό Γήπεδο Tae Kwon Do), there was a real carnage that did not correspond to the level of the event.

According to exclusive information, the music show was interrupted twice. According to the publication, during Tamta’s performance in the VIP zone where the artists were, trapper Light (τράπερ Light) appeared, accompanied by his costume designer (κουστωδία).

After a few moments, tension arose and an ugly scene broke out:

According to footage from the scene of the incident, a violent scuffle arose with Snik present there. Twice resumed “active action”, and twice the organizers of the show were forced to interrupt it.

John Paliospirou called out from the stage: “Guys, no violence, this is a holiday.” And Elena Paparizou, who was present in the VIP zone, who was sitting nearby, left the event in upset feelings.

Light then took the stage and took the microphone. He complained that he was attacked, and noted that he had learned to defend himself in such cases. The artist apologized to the public:

“I want to apologize to the whole world for being here today. As a child, I learned to defend myself when attacked. A thousand apologies to everyone who saw this, we are not such people and do not want to spoil this event. Sorry and good night.”

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