Deceived with online payments for 1.5 million euros

The profit of a criminal organization, whose members have already been arrested in a police operationcontinuing from this morning in Corinth and Boeotia, exceeds 1.5 million euros.

According to information cathimerini.grmembers of the organization engaged in fraud through the Internet, and among the victims are doctors and hotel owners.

According to informed sources, members of the organization approached people providing services and stole their bank codes, thus withdrawing large sums of money from their accounts.

In particular, the perpetrators contacted potential victims and inquired about the services they provided. Then, under the pretext of immediately paying money to a bank account, they extracted the necessary data and identification codes for entering electronic banking and “emptyed” the accounts.

“They are involved in systematic fraud on the Internet. For example, they called the hotelier and asked to book a room. They were told they would need bank codes for payment. They took them and stole money from the accounts. Among the victims, including doctors. The profit they have earned exceeds 1.5 million euros. While five people have been detained, more arrests are expected,” he said. the same sources said.

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