1001 nights of Erdogan

The story about the intentions of Sweden and Finland to join NATO is beginning to resemble an oriental bazaar – the farther, the more conditions put forward by Sultan Erdogan, wanting to negotiate better conditions for himself.

The Turkish-Kurdish armed conflict has been going on since 1984. The reason for the fighting was the demand of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party to create Kurdish autonomy in Turkey, since many representatives of this ethnic group live in the southeastern provinces of the country. Sweden and Finland openly support the Kurdish struggle for independence.

Stoltenberg advocated joining the alliance of the two countries, saying that this would strengthen the entire NATO. At the same time, he expressed concern about Turkey’s problems and said that they are doing everything possible to take into account the interests of this country.

Ankara said it was ready to lift its veto on the membership of these countries if the states agree to fulfill 10 conditions put forward by the Turkish authorities, Yeni Şafak newspaper reported. In particular, the Turkish authorities demand that the countries refuse to support the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and other organizations in the region, which Turkey has declared terrorist.

In addition, Ankara demands that Sweden and Finland participate in a comprehensive “fight against terrorism.” In particular, they stopped any contacts with Kurdish organizations, forbade them to hold demonstrations on their territory, and also froze their assets.

After fruitless negotiations, Erdogan put forward new conditions to the leaders of the countries and now demands that they change their information policy, stopping inviting representatives of the Kurdish diaspora to broadcasts and generally covering Kurdish separatists in a positive light. Plus, Sweden should dismiss the country’s defense minister, which had contact with the militants of the Kurdish Workers’ Party.

Finland refused to extradite members of the Gülen party and movement banned in Turkey. The Swedish authorities also showed a kind of fact to the requirements – with the help of light installations on Stockholm buildings depicting PKK flags and portraits of Öcalan.

How bizarrely the deck is shuffled. Poor Apo, probably, even in a nightmare could not have dreamed that someday he would become the banner of petty imperialist predators rushing into NATO. He, who devoted his entire conscious life to the fight against this very NATO!

I wonder if such news will reach him in a dark cell on the island of Imrali? And even more interesting, where will Erdogan stop and will he stop at all? After all, everything that happens looks like a deal in an oriental bazaar, where the buyer and seller are desperately bargaining with each other: insulting the goods and each other, periodically leaving and returning back, with two opposite goals – it is more profitable to sell and cheaper to buy. And like a good oriental bazaar, it can go on for a very long time.

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