Will there be a summer allowance of 200 euros

There was confusion over whether the €200 would be given to the country’s vulnerable citizens, as government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou did not rule out the possibility, while the finance minister clarified that it could be done provided the budget allowed.

Conflicting reports are received by those who are waiting for an emergency summer allowance similar to that given at Christmas and Easter.

With today’s statements by government spokesman Giannis Ikonou and finance minister Christos Staikouras, they were asked to respond regarding the possibility of issuing “summer assistance”. At the same time, the representative left the possibility open, and the minister referred to “budgetary constraints.”

Government spokesman Giannis Ikonomou answered today about the possibility of a new emergency grant of 200 euros. Asked to comment on the scenarios that have been circulating since May, Mr. Ikonomou did not rule out the possibility that the money would still be provided to the most vulnerable, when asked by ANT1 to comment on the scenarios that have been circulating since May. However, he specified that this would be done under certain conditions (strict criteria).

“The economy keeps afloat because we have used the country’s financial resources wisely. They remain at the level of 39 billion euros. But the country needs stability and security. Tension should be avoided during the pre-election period,” Mr. Staikouras stressed in conclusion.

It is recalled that the following assistance was provided by the state for Easter:

  • 676,735 low-income pensioners received 200 euros each,
  • 625 thousand families with children received one and a half additional payments per child,
  • 241,281 guaranteed income recipients received a double payment
  • 166,982 people with disabilities receiving social benefits received 200 euros each,
  • 34,964 uninsured pensioners received 200 euros each.

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