Larisa: investigation into the imprisonment of a 51-year-old woman in her own home

The unthinkable story of a woman who became public in connection with the death of her 76-year-old mother caused consternation among the public. The 51-year-old woman was “under house arrest” for 42 years, starting at the age of 9.

According to, the communication of social workers and authorities with a woman was not so simple, although she has some sense of reality. The dramatic case came to light following the death of her mother, who was found dead last Saturday afternoon in her entryway as she was returning from a store. After a police investigation, the daughter of the deceased was found in the house, which she had not left since she was 9 years old.

Relatives knew the situation, but no one spoke

As it became known, many relatives of the family knew what was happening, but no one told the authorities about the conditions in which the adult woman was deprived of communication with the outside world. Testimony of a relative of a 76-year-old woman:

“While the son-in-law lived, 20 years ago, the girl seemed to be in a normal condition, although, apparently, she already had some deviations even then, I can’t explain exactly. But if she had contact with people, it would be better. After the death of his father, the child did not leave the house at all. I told her mother that I would report her, but she insulted me and began to threaten me. The girl attended only three classes of the school. At some point, my neighbor and I went to report this, the police came here several times, and they knew about what was happening in the house. She told everyone that the girl herself did not want to go out and contact people.”

In fact, the house in Larisa, where the woman was imprisoned, has an eerie appearance – it is fenced with locks, chains and bars on the ground floor of a two-story house.

For its part, the Larisa Social Service issued a statement on this shocking case and is cooperating with the authorities: responsibility of the social service and in cooperation with the relatives, who were immediately notified. The heads of social services are well aware of the great interest of the media in the case, but they urge that excessive publicity be avoided. They call for respect in managing the matter.”

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