How to get from Moscow to Greek resorts

Given the logistical difficulties of recent months, experts suggested how best to get to the resorts of Greece for the Russians.

The publication spoke in detail about the recommendations of specialists GreekReporter, referring to TourDom, so that tourists can estimate the upcoming costs and the time required for the trip.

From the Russian capital to Athens you can fly with regular connecting flights of Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad – depending on the date of departure. Which airline to choose depends on the date of departure. Dimitris Haritidis, managing director of TEZ TOUR, notes that Turkish Airlines offers the most convenient connections, flights from Moscow are daily.

But there is one “but” – the demand for flights through Istanbul has grown significantly, which has affected prices and the lack of seats for the coming dates. For example, round trip tickets from July 8 to 15 will cost 182 thousand rubles. Travel time – 7 hours one way, including docking (1 hour 45 minutes). According to tour operators, cheap tickets for Turkish Airlines can now only be found for the end of August and September.

Vitaly Stamatov, the head of Ambotis, offers “another option – Air Serbia flights from Moscow to Athens with a connection in Belgrade.” Flights in the period July 30-August 9 will cost 67 thousand rubles. But finding convenient connections for July will not be easy. The flight will take 15-18 hours, of which from 10 to 13 hours is a night transfer.

Anatoly Garkushin, head of the Pantheon tour operator, says:

“Our tourists are in the greatest demand for a flight through Yerevan with two tickets.”

Docking is also night, as there is no single ticket, that is, passengers will have to receive luggage and check it in again. And yet tourists choose this route, despite the slight inconvenience, because of the economy. The first flight, from Moscow to Yerevan and back, costs 30 thousand rubles on Azimut. Tickets for the second, daily regular flight of Aegean Airlines from Yerevan to Athens can be bought for 40 thousand rubles. (both ways). Travel time is 2.5–3 hours. Thus, the flight Moscow – Athens – Moscow via Yerevan will cost about 70 thousand rubles. From the capital of Greece, tourists will be able to get to Attica and the Peloponnese or fly to any Greek island by domestic flights.

Get in to Thessaloniki from Moscow it is possible through Yerevan, Istanbul and Belgrade. The most popular flight is through the capital of Armenia. From Yerevan to Thessaloniki twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, a charter flight from Aegean Airlines flies. Travel time is 5 hours, ticket price is 46 thousand rubles.

Russian tourists love Crete. You can fly there from Yerevan with the same Aegean Airlines, with a transfer in Athens, for 52 thousand rubles. Or direct charter flight a / k Georgian Airlines. This carrier plans to fly from Yerevan to Heraklion on certain days in July and August.

From Moscow to Crete and Santorini (Thira Airport), with one change in Abu Dhabi, is offered by Etihad. But the high cost of tickets does not allow this option to be in high demand – from 75 thousand rubles. one way in July. There is, however, an alternative: some tourists get to the Greek islands – Rhodes, Kos, Symi, Patmos and Leros – on ferries from Turkish Bodrum. You can swim to Rhodes from Marmaris.

We have already written that it is unambiguous to call budget options for connecting flights to Europe is extremely difficult, experts say. The main recommendation is to book trips in advance, several months in advance. If we consider only ground handling, then the cost of rest is quite acceptable. And with the nuances of obtaining Schengen and national visas can be found in this material.

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