FUEL PASS 2: increased subsidy for 3 months

FUEL PASS 2: The Greek government announced on Tuesday that it is extending the fuel subsidy for motorists for another three months, i.e. July, August and September 2022.

At the same time, the authorities increased the amount for car owners to 80 euros on the mainland and 100 euros on the islands. For motorcycle owners, the amount will be 60 and 70 euros respectively.

The subsidy will benefit about 3.1 million motorists. At the same time, a new one is provided for the entire quarter (3 months), and not monthly.

The beneficiaries are motorists, tax residents of Greece, with an annual income of up to 30,000 euros (tax return for 2021) plus 3,000 for each child, which can increase the family’s annual income up to 45,000 euros.

During a cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that the subsidy would rise to 80 euros from 45 for cars and to 60 euros from 35 for motorcycles. On the islands, where fuel prices tend to be higher than on the mainland, the subsidy will be up to €100 per month for cars and €70 for motorcycles.

The total cost of the subsidy for Fuel Pass 2 is estimated at 375 million euros, and the total subsidy for FUELPASS 1 and 2 is 580 million euros. The measure will come into force on July 1 and will be valid until the end of September, when the situation will be reassessed.

Subsidies for diesel fuel

As in the case of petrol, the beneficiaries of diesel fuel subsidies are motorists with an annual income of up to 30,000 euros plus 3,000 euros for each child, which increases the annual family income to 45,000 euros. According to state broadcaster ERT, the subsidy could also be booked into a bank accountwhich was not the case with FUEL PASS 1. However, if the subsidy is booked on a digital card, as is the case with Fuel Pass 1, the amount will be higher.

Subsidy with or without a card

For the mainland and the use of the card, the subsidy will be 65 euros without a card, 80 euros with a card per quarter.
For those who have their main residence in the area of ​​the island (and Crete), the subsidy increases to 85 euros without a card, 100 euros with a card.

  • Motorcycles on the mainland: €45 without card, €60 with card.
  • Motorcycles in the island area: 55 euros without a card, 70 euros with a card
  • The amount of the subsidy increases to 15 euros when using the card, compared to 5 euros with the previous subsidy.

Gasoline and diesel

For diesel, the surcharge will continue to be 12 cents per liter at source. The final benefit, including VAT, will be 15 cents per litre. The subsidy reduces the increase in gasoline prices by 44 cents and lowers the price below 2 euros, the total cost of gasoline subsidies is 200 million euros.


The beneficiaries are citizens with an income for 2021 up to 30,000, increased by 3,000 for each family member up to five people and with a total income of up to 45,000 euros. According to FinMIN Staikouras, 3.1 million out of 3.5 million vehicle owners are potential beneficiaries.

When does the Fuel Pass 2 platform open?

FUEL PASS 2 platform planned to open at the end of July. Beneficiaries will need to apply electronically on the relevant platform vouchers.gov.grlike they did for Fuel Pass 1.

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