UN: The number of refugees in the world for the first time exceeded 100 million

More than 3.4 million citizens of Ukraine received the status of temporary protection in various European countries. These are mainly women and children.

Most of the refugees who received temporary shelter are in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. As reported by the Office of the UN High Commissioner on June 19, the exact number of refugees from Ukraine with the status of temporary protection in European countries amounted to 3.407 million people (data for June 16). Compared to June 1, 2022, the growth amounted to almost half a million people, over the past week – 0.2 million. The change in this indicator was affected by data updates in France, Germany and the UK.

In terms of the number of refugees with the status of temporary protection, Poland is the leader – 1 million 169.5 thousand people. According to the Polish border service, from the beginning of the war until June 18, 4.166 million people arrived in the country, 2.195 million returned to Ukraine.

In second place is Germany – 641.39 thousand. Ukrainians are allowed to stay in the country without registration until the end of August, their recorded number was 780,000.

In the Czech Republic, according to UN informationalmost all arrivals applied for protection status – 373.82 thousand out of 373.97 thousand people.

In most other European countries, the picture is similar to the Czech Republic: the statistics of registered refugees are completely or almost equal to those who applied for protection status. An exception, similar to Germany, are only Romania – 37.83 thousand with the status of 90.3 thousand refugees recorded in the country, Estonia – 27.49 thousand out of 42.26 thousand and Italy – 97.31 thousand out of 129 .62 thousand

More than 50 thousand refugees from Ukraine registered for the status of temporary protection in Spain – 119.74 thousand, France – 87.97 thousand, Slovakia – 78.11 thousand (out of 270 thousand since the beginning of the war), Austria – 71 .83 thousand, the UK – 70.5 thousand, the Netherlands – 64.48 thousand and Switzerland – 55.92 thousand.

From 10 to 25 thousand refugees from Ukraine with the status of temporary protection in Hungary – 24.45 thousand, Norway – 18.51 thousand, Greece – 14.89 thousand, Croatia – 14.26 thousand and Cyprus – 13.05 thousand.

The Ukrainian border with Russia and Belarus was crossed, respectively, by 1 million 230.8 thousand and 16.66 thousand people. The UN information indicates that in the Russian Federation all those who crossed the border were recorded, while in Belarus – 9.01 thousand. There is no data on the status of these people, as well as data on crossing the border of Ukraine in the opposite direction.

In total, according to the UN as of June 16, 7.704 million people left Ukraine since February 24, 2.559 million returned (without data from Hungary, the Russian Federation and Belarus). The total number of Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war, the UN estimates about 4.8 million people , including to Russia – more than 1.2 million people.

The UNHCR estimates the number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine due to the war unleashed by Russia at more than 7.1 million. According to the organization, about 15.7 million people require humanitarian assistance and protection.

The number of refugees in the world exceeded 100 million for the first time. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused one of the largest displacement crises since the Second World War, the UN noted.

Our publication previously reported that loss of status and benefits – the price of a short-term trip of Ukrainian refugees to their homeland. They are not allowed back into EU, even if they went to Ukraine for 2-3 days. People who fled from the war, who have already drawn up documents under paragraph 24 in one of the European countries and received temporary asylum for a year and a half, are faced with the fact that they lose their legalization after a short visit to Ukraine.

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