Eight of the most beautiful summer destinations without having to take ferry tickets

Looking for somewhere to go without having to travel by ship? Then the video below will inform you about the wonderful places in Greece, which are highly recommended to visit by all those who have already been there at least once (and were not disappointed!).

Not one, but eight different offers of beautiful places to visit without having to take a ferry ticket, are almost ideal places to relax. There are some great directions in the video. After watching it, you will understand that “summer and the sea are not only on the islands”…


0:00 Λιμένι

Limeni is a small pretty town on the southern coast of the Peloponnese (Mani peninsula, Laconia region). It is located on the shores of the bay of the same name, about 75 km south of Sparta and just a few kilometers from Areopolis, of which it is, in fact, the port. This is an incredibly colorful settlement with charming old stone tower houses literally hanging over the rocky shores, a picturesque harbor where many snow-white yachts moor in the summer, excellent restaurants and taverns with excellent cuisine. Here you will find crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, fantastically beautiful landscapes, an atmosphere of genuine cordiality and hospitality of local residents. This is a great place for a quiet and measured rest.

0:20 Σύβοτα

Sivota is a seaside village in the south of Thesprotia prefecture. It is one of the main seaside resorts of Epirus and in the summer it attracts many tourists from both Greece and abroad. The village is built in a small bay, in which various islets are scattered, the main of which are Agios Nikolaos, Mavro Oros and Mourtemenos.

0:44 Ναύπλιο

Nauplion is located on the eastern coast of the Argolis Gulf. The city is perfectly preserved and brought to us the monuments of the Middle Ages.

1:12 Βαθύ Μεθάνων

Vathi is a beautiful fishing village that attracts mainly visitors who come here by boat. The natural bay serves as a refuge for fishermen during the winter. It is located 8 km west of Metana.

1:30 Γερολιμένας

Gerolimenas is a coastal village in the municipality of East Mani in the prefecture of Laconia.

2:00 Ερμιόνη

Ermioni a village located on the southeast coast of Argolis, 85 km southeast of Nafplion.

2:27 Πύλος

Pylos, historically known in the past with the Venetian-Italian name of Navarino, is a seaside town that administratively belongs to the municipality of Pylos Nestoros and is located west of the prefecture of Messinia.

2:51 Αρίλλας.

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