“Safari” of the economic police in Mykonos and Halkidiki: violations found in 2/3 of the stores

Inspectors of the economic police carried out control of enterprises in Mykonos and Halkidiki.

Checks in public catering establishments were carried out as part of establishing compliance with insurance, labor and tax laws. The raid was carried out by the heads of the Financial Police Directorate of Northern Greece during the period June 16-18, 2022.

A total of 15 enterprises were inspected, of which violations were confirmed in 9, i.е. in almost 2 out of 3 checked establishments.

During the checks it was found:

On Mykonos:

  • in a coffee shop not issuing 20 checks,
  • in the restaurant, failure to issue 6 checks and the presence of 2 undeclared employees at work,
  • the restaurant has 25 employees (working after hours) and 1 undeclared,
  • in a cafe-bar 3 employees working after hours (out of regular hours),
  • the restaurant has 7 employees at odd hours.


  • in a cafe-bar and a restaurant not issuing 2 checks and finding 3 employees outside working hours,
  • in the diner, non-issuance of checks and employment of 2 employees who are not registered in the staff list,
  • in the fish tavern, 11 employees are at work (outside working hours),
  • there are 4 workers in the tavern during non-working hours.

In all cases, the competent services (Σ.Ε.Π.Ε., Δ.Ο.Υ., Π.Ε.Κ.Α.) were informed in order to impose appropriate administrative sanctions.

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