How much does it cost to relax in a European resort

The removal of covid restrictions did not help restore the flow of tourists from Russia – difficulties with air travel and bank cards interfere. Experts told what tours to European resorts cost Russians.

Holidays in European countries are available for Russians without previously constraining entry restrictions due to the coronavirus. But other problems have replaced the sanitary rules, ATOR reports. And although the Russians, anticipating a pleasant relaxation in the resorts of Europe, book tours even with flights through third countries, for many, the high cost of connecting flights and other logistics difficulties become an insurmountable obstacle to a quality vacation.

ANEX Tour experts note that flights to Europe with transfers at airports in the Middle East or in Istanbul take, on average, 12-20 hours. That is, if the trip is short, the road occupies a significant part of it. This has a direct impact on the demand for such tours. Another important factor is the visa.

Obtaining Schengen or national visas may now take a longer period, especially for tourists from Russian regions – applications are considered in Moscow. More about it “Afinskie novosti” told about where it is faster and easier for Russians to get a European visa.

Thus, the totality of the current restrictions prompted Russian citizens who previously preferred independent travel to book package tours and air tickets from tour operators.

PAC Group clarifies that the deposit service has also become more in demand: funds are transferred to the tourist’s account at the hotel, and then all services are paid from it – SPA, food and others. In this case, it is not necessary to spend the entire amount – the balance is returned after the trip.

This year, according to market participants, Italy has become the most demanded destination. If in May up to 30-50 applications were registered weekly, in June their number exceeded 100 per week. 5-star hotels and villas, that is, a high-budget product, are in particular demand.

In addition to Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Croatia, included in the top 5 destinations of this summer, are in high demand. According to tour operators, travel to these countries has risen in price by about one and a half to two times compared to 2019 – an increase in air travel prices has played a role.

Tickets for Greek and Cypriot resorts cost from 900 to 1500 euros, last year the flight cost 500-700 euros. And in the period before the pandemic, this figure was even less – the average cost of a ticket to the Mediterranean and the Adriatic was 300-350 euros.

It is extremely difficult to unequivocally name budget options for connecting flights to Europe, experts say. The main recommendation is to book trips in advance, several months in advance. If we consider only ground handling, then the cost of rest is quite acceptable. Rest for two in a two-star Spanish hotel will cost about 16 thousand rubles. However, due to the cost of flights, the overall cost of a European holiday becomes an order of magnitude higher, warns GreekReporter.

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