French and Americans prefer Greece, Russians prefer Turkey

Greece is in first place for French travelers, and the demand of Russians in Turkey exceeds the supply.

Greek Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias reports on the success of the current tourist season:

“Agreements concluded with major tour operators in Europe are bearing fruit. We have worked very hard with a plan and a strategy to be successful in tourism today.”

The Minister noted with satisfaction Greece’s agreement with American Airlines for direct flights from the United States to El. Venizelos”:

“As a result of it, Athens today is “filled” with profligate American tourists, who significantly strengthen not only the hotels of the capital, but also restaurants and shops, which after many years see their treasury full.”

Arrangements with major tour operators in Europe are also encouraging. The Minister noted that the data on sales in France show that Greece is in first place in terms of turnover and average costs, that is, in terms of foreign currency that French tourists bring to our country. Mr. Kikilias notes:

“At the Ministry of Tourism, we work for the average Greek family. That is why government finance officers contact us every week to keep up to date with new numbers and bookings, as one in four euros in the Greek economy comes from tourism. The prime minister gave the order “more tourism”, that’s what he told me. Because money, foreign currency, goes directly into the Greek economy, into the average Greek family, into the family tourism business.”

The Minister of Tourism did not forget to mention the “Tourism for All” social recreation program for Greek citizens, quotes

This year, instead of 20 million 200,000 beneficiaries, 30 million euros will be allocated. In addition, another 35 million euros will be allocated from the social tourism program of the Ministry of Labor. All this money will be given away without any bureaucracy, so that with a digital pass, the weakest citizens can also enjoy their holidays and enjoy our Greece. Everyone is entitled to it.

Meanwhile, in Turkey there is an influx of Russian tourists, demand exceeds supply. On your page, referring to Haber7 data, reports a shortage of tours for Russian tourists who want to relax in Turkey. The fears of industry representatives about the reduction in the flow not only did not materialize, but on the contrary, the demand for tours exceeded supply.

The Turkish tourism industry has been accepting Russian and Ukrainian tourists for many years, providing its services on conditions suitable for the residents of these two countries. Due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, industry representatives were concerned about the likelihood that there would be no flow of visitors from these states. However, in addition to the influx of tourists from Russia, there is a high interest from visitors from other countries, primarily from the UK.

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) in one of the latest statements said that in the country the demand for holidays in Turkey exceeds supply. This has led to a high density of traffic, in which there are no seats left on flights. The ATOR statement notes that, according to tour operators, there is a shortage of tours to Turkey for the coming dates. And it is specified that now it is impossible to buy tours to Antalya with a departure in two or three days even from the capital, informs Anadolu. The association emphasizes:

“Demand significantly exceeds the supply, limited by air transportation. The situation with the resorts of the Aegean coast is even more scarce.”

In July and August, the situation is expected to improve, with the picture gradually improving. As for air transportation, ATOR notes, there are also improvements.

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