Windy weather led to forest fires in Evia

The fire in the region of Gaia on the island of Evia has taken on rampant proportions. An order was given to evacuate the village of Kremastos, as the winds make it difficult to put out the fire.

The number of firefighters sent to extinguish a fire that broke out in a meadow between the village Gaia and Cremasto on the island of Evia, which evacuated for reasons of precaution, intensifies. ANDtravelers heading to the village Wasted, but by number 112 evacuation was announced.

If you are in #Κρεμαστό Municipality #Κύμης #Αλιβερίου empty now #Τραχήλι there is a forest fire in your area. Follow the instructions of the authorities and instructions for protection @pyrosvestiki @hellenicpolice

Work on site 95 firefighters calculations, 29 vehicles, as well as 9 aircraft and 4 helicopters. Local water authorities and volunteers also provide assistance.

According to the fire department, this complex fire, as the hard-to-reach place where it rages, and strong winds make it difficult to work. However, according to the fire department, while no settlements are threatened. In addition, for more effective firefighting, the Air Force is expected to be further strengthened by two more aircraft.

At the same time, by order of the chief of the fire department, a division of the Arson Control Authority (DAEE) will go to investigate the cause of the fire, and the Greek fire department has been put on a state of general alert.

According to Fire danger prediction mappublished by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Interior and Administrative Reconstruction, for today, Saturday 18 June, and tomorrow, Sunday 19 June, a high fire risk is predicted on the island of Evia.

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