February 5, 2023

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Arrest for trying "sell" a few days old baby

The case of an attempted illegal adoption of a baby was investigated by the law enforcement agencies of Thessaloniki, in connection with which four people were detained and two more were identified.

A 49- and 47-year-old couple asked a 61-year-old lawyer to mediate a child adoption without following established procedures, according to a police investigation.

Thus, they decided to adopt a child who was born by a 38-year-old woman on June 12 in the city hospital, for the amount of 17-19 thousand euros. As it turned out, until yesterday, the couple paid the amount of 14,350 euros for the maternity hospital and the costs of intermediaries, according to lifo.gr.

In the course of a police investigation by the Thessaloniki anti-trafficking department, it turned out that a lawyer, together with a 58-year-old wanted foreigner, organized illegal mediation in the process of adopting a child (in this and other similar cases).

The wanted man has already been prosecuted in the past for similar offenses.

Those arrested will be taken to the prosecutor’s office.

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