Putin at the St. Petersburg forum sets out his vision of the causes of the problems of mankind.

Putin began his speech at the SPIEF plenary session. The appearance of the President of Russia was announced with a video about the crisis of the world, the edge of the abyss and the search for compromises.

According to Putin, after the victory in the Cold War, “the United States declared itself to be the messengers of the Lord on Earth” and are building a world order for themselves and for their allies, not taking into account the interests of other peoples of the world.

  • Confidence in world currencies has been undermined for the sake of ambition and outdated geopolitical illusions.
  • The United States, declaring victory in the Cold War, declared themselves “messengers of the Lord on Earth.”
  • Colleagues in the West are trying to counteract the course of history, they think in terms of the last century, they are in illusions and do not want to notice changes. Everything will not be the same as before.
  • Sanctions against the Russian Federation are insane and thoughtless. Their goal is to crush the Russian economy.

“The countries of the “golden billion” still consider all the rest to be their colonies, second-class people, and they themselves are exceptional,” Putin said and warned: “It is a mistake to believe that everything will be the same as before. Will not”.

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