February 5, 2023

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Komotini: 22-year-old athlete ‘was not vaccinated’

The aunt of a 22-year-old athlete who died suddenly in Komotini decided to give an interview and talk about her niece in order to clarify the picture of the causes of her death.

Speaking on the MEGA channel, a relative of the deceased stated that the girl had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus, since some media said what exactly the vaccine caused death her nieces. “She was completely healthy! She followed her diet, trained. How could this happen at such an early age ?!”, the heartbroken aunt complains.

The coffin with the body of the athlete arrived in Crete from Komotini. And today, on Friday, June 17, a funeral took place in a close family circle.

“George was not vaccinated, she was against all this,” her aunt noted. At the same time, the relative stated that the girl periodically did tests for covid, and they were all negative. “I don’t know what caused her death, and I would like to know … There was a period of exams, she went anxious, but did not give up training. Also on her heart was a load of problems with her father, who was in Crete (an elderly man was diagnosed with cancer). Recently, she felt unhappy, perhaps this could break her, ”said the girl’s relative.

What the medical examiner said

The forensic medical report on the death of the athlete was prepared by the head of the Forensic Medicine Service of Thrace, Nikolaos Kythnidis, who performed the autopsy. According to him, the cause of death of the girl, who lost consciousness during training, was not established during an external examination. The results of histological and toxicological studies are currently awaited. Presumably, the athlete died of heart failure (cardiac arrest).

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