Crete: shot a neighbor because of grazing

A 44-year-old Cretan accused of killing a 22-year-old countryman near the city of Rethymnon in Crete on June 12 was sent to jail on Friday after being brought before an investigating judge.

The suspect, who, for security reasons, testified at the Rethymno police headquarters, will be transferred to the prison in Agia Chanion.

The crime took place last Sunday afternoon in the village of Argulio. According to police sources, the two men quarreled over a grazing and land dispute. The alleged perpetrator then followed the victim to his sister’s home, where he shot him four times with a pistol.

The seriously wounded man was taken to a hospital in Rethymno, where he was pronounced dead. Then the 44-year-old man, along with his lawyer, turned himself in to the police. He allegedly confessed to shooting the victim and handed over the weapon to the police.

On Friday, his lawyer, Dionysis Verras, told reporters that his client immediately regretted shooting the victim. He claimed that he spoke inappropriately about his deceased father, who was held in memorial service on Sunday, and about members of his family, which “clouded his mind.”

The inhabitants of Crete in Greece are a kind of inhabitants of the Caucasus for Russia. Hotheads who often shoot first, think later. According to the number of weapons, both legal and illegal, the inhabitants of Crete confidently occupy the first place in the country.

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