The Greeks were obliged to acquire "personal doctor"

Registration of citizens in the “Personal Doctor” system begins on July 1, as provided for by the decree of the ministry, published in the “Government Gazette”, and determines the procedure for registering citizens.

A personal doctor is the first point of contact of a citizen with the public health system, and provides comprehensive and ongoing assistance to a person in order to prevent and treat diseases, and improve health.

What is the “Personal Doctor” system (“Προσωπικός Ιατρός”), the new bill of the Greek Ministry of Health

A resident of Greece who has reached the age of 16 and the adult population is attached (with free choice) to personal doctors with a specialty: general practitioner or general/family medicine doctor. It is required that one of the provisions, or a combination of them, apply:

a) the doctor was registered with the National Health System, served and provided his services in health centers, in local health centers (To.MY) and in other public units (Κέντρα Υγείας, στις Τοπικές Μονάδες Υγείας, Το.Μ.Υ.) κα σε λοιπές δημόσιες μονάδες Π.Φ.Υ.).

b) a doctor who provided his services within the framework of the activities of local medical teams in accordance with article 106 of law 4461/2017 (A ’38),

c) the doctor was under contract with the National Health Services Organization (EOPYY).

It is noted that personal physicians are also defined as non-specialized physicians with a diploma and license as a general practitioner. By decision of the Minister of Health Physicians of other specialties may be appointed as personal physicians.

Personal physician services are provided through government units of Π.Φ.Υ. Local Service Networks, health centers, private clinics and in homes.

Choosing a personal doctor

The population over the age of 16, through guardian parents and adult citizens, must register with a personal doctor, whom they can choose arbitrarily, regardless of place of residence or stay, from all registered in the relevant up-to-date list of personal doctors.

Each person has the right to register only with a personal doctor. Transfer to another personal doctor is allowed once a year, which starts from the day of registration of a citizen. In the event of a change of administrative district during the year, a citizen has the right to an additional transfer.

Active military personnel are exempted from the obligation to register with a personal doctor. The uninsured have the opportunity to make an appointment at their request with a personal doctor, an employee of EOPYY.

How to make an appointment with a personal doctor

Registration with a personal doctor is carried out electronically. If a citizen reaches the age of 16, registration is carried out by a person exercising parental care. The electronic registration process can be carried out either by the citizen through the citizen registration platform, or by the administrative and other personnel of ΠΦΥ public health service providers, personal physicians or other bodies that can be identified later, in the personal presence of the citizen.

All citizen applications are accepted until the legal limit of 2,000 registered citizens per doctor is reached. In the case of private doctors working under contract with EOPYY, citizens’ applications for registration are accepted in accordance with a certain limit.

The situation of citizens who are already registered with a family doctor is considered settled, they are not required to take any further action.

The personal physician refers the recipient of medical services to doctors of other specialties practicing in health centers, state institutions of secondary and tertiary care of the EOPYY system.

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