"Pride Month" quarreled Greek society

Can a burger destroy Greek society? For some…maybe! Over the past few days, the hashtag with the name of the Greek fast food chain has been in the top Greek trends on Twitter.

The reason is the company’s Pride Month initiative to release three new hamburgers in “Pride colors” and a hamburger wrapper in rainbow colorswhich the global LGBT community stole from children.

This choice by Goodys especially angered traditionalists and orthodox Christians, who are not particularly positive about the initiatives initiated by the US Embassy.

Among the most scathing comments is why the company does not decorate its packaging with Greek flags on two national holidays, October 28 and March 25.

Others spoke of “unholy propaganda,” complaining that the company did not show the same sensitivity to young people working 12-hour shifts for 500 euros.

However, most of the comments are posts talking about “bottomless pit” and “deep erosion of Greek society”.

However, there are other Twitter users who praised the company’s initiative, making the Goodys name the number one trend on Twitter. As the saying goes, “black PR, it’s still PR.”

“In 2022, instead of discussing whether this initiative really reflects the philosophy of the network and is not only about communication, we will discuss whether the colors of the rainbow on the burger wrapper threaten to corrode our society,” the site notes. rosa.gr.

Meanwhile, the well-known Greek football club OFI Heraklion (ΟΦΗ) dressed its players in the colors of the rainbow in honor of the LGBT + community, the website reports. rosa.gr.

“Those who are bothered don’t matter and those who do don’t care,” OFI said in an Instagram post saying the football club’s management decided to draw rainbow colors on the players’ jerseys to express solidarity with movement.

Last year, OFI became the first Super League team to take part in Pride Pride, changing its logo to the colors of the rainbow to openly support the LGBT+ community. This year the Crete Football Club has gone even further. I wonder how the players themselves react to this? Or did no one ask them?

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