Pagrati, details of the tragedy: how a woman fell off a balcony

The MEGA Live News program showed frame by frame exactly how the accident happened: a young woman tried to climb from a neighboring balcony to her own, but fell off the 3rd floor and died as a result of falling onto the asphalt.

An attempt to “return home” through the neighbor’s balcony, because she forgot the keys, turned into a tragedy.

The task faced by the 36-year-old Janetina, to move from one balcony to another, was far from easy. The young woman was wearing slippers, and besides, there were obstacles, for example, a balcony closet, which made it difficult to climb over. And all this happened at the height of the third floor!

Meanwhile, the testimonies of a neighbor of Janetina, who tragically died on Monday evening, who saw the tragedy unfold, are shocking.

Speaking on the Mega program, a housemate told how the tragic incident happened: “It was only a meter from my veranda to go to another … Can a woman in a dress and slippers overcome this distance? She must have thought so…

Despite the fact that the neighbor’s daughter tried to stop her, the woman did not listen to her and was very upset that she could not get home. And so she decided to take a desperate step. When she stepped on the edge of the balcony’s concrete railing and tried to climb onto the railing, the fragment broke off and the woman fell down.

The neighbor’s daughter, who held her hand tightly, helping her to move, was saved by a miracle. For a fraction of a second, she managed to hold Janetina, but in the end it proved to be an impossible task, and her hand loosened. “But she could drag my daughter along with her!” says a neighbor. “My child panicked, she was in shock, she was shaking.”

“It had to happen like this! But 45 years ago, another girl of her age fell near our house, ”says an eyewitness.

Janetina’s funeral took place this afternoon in Naxos. According to the Mega channel, the tragic figures were her aunt and children who were waiting for her in a car parked under the apartment building when the tragedy occurred.

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