Negotiations in Kyiv – Ukraine again offered a dummy

One of the main subjects of bargaining in the negotiations between Scholz, Macron, Draghi and Romanian President Iohannis who joined them with Zelensky was the granting of the status of candidate member EU Ukraine.

All four immediately expressed their readiness to do so immediately after the talks. In fact, a candidate for EU membership is far from being a member of the EU, for example, Albania has been dangling in this status since 2000. However, you can make these statements while sitting at home, why did you need to go to Kyiv, where air raid sirens sounded all day long?

The European delegation came to force Ukraine to negotiate with Russia. If we discard all the routine statements typical of Western leaders about unlimited support for Ukraine right up to victory, then from the significant one it is worth noting Macron’s remark: “Ukraine must itself negotiate with Russia: neither France nor Germany will do this instead of it.” We can say that it is in this phrase that the whole meaning of the proposals of the Europeans lies. At the talks, it was again stated that no one would force Ukraine to give up territories, but it should decide this on its own.

In short, the announced conditions are as follows: “We give you the status of a candidate member, you start negotiations with Russia, and it’s up to you to decide which territories you give up.”

In a speech following the talks, Zelensky said: “Russia does not want peace, it wants nothing but war.” A very strong statement, given that at the same time, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Reznikov, says: “We are going to liberate all our territories, everything, including Crimea.”

In an interview with the Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica, Pope Francis said that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine was “perhaps provoked in some way” and warned against viewing the conflict as a fairy tale confrontation between good and evil. “We need to move away from the usual pattern of Little Red Riding Hood when she was good and the wolf was bad,” the pontiff said.

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